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Die Release Agents

Whether you choose our tried and true Process Line of agents based on traditional formulation methods or our more advanced TurboCast® line, incorporating the latest in cutting-edge formulation and manufacturing technology, our products will produce superior results. J&S Chemical’s die release agents are tailor-made to fit your needs utilizing unique blends of high performance polymers.

Our product applications operate on a wide range of processes including Cold Chamber, Hot Chamber, Squeeze Process, Vacuum Mold and Permanent Mold. J&S release agents have superior performance with many different alloys including Aluminum, Zinc, Magnesium, Lead and Copper at a wide range of mold temperatures from 100º F to 950º F. Also, our products can be used with a variety of application equipment including manual, stationary and automated systems.

In comparison to all other companies in the die release industry, our unique, comprehensive formulas and meticulous manufacturing processes result in products with superior performance. Our products can produce brighter casting surfaces, more precise release, less soldering, lower gas generation, lower scrap rates and a cleaner work environment. J&S Chemical’s line of die release agents will boost your process’s efficiency resulting in increased production rates at a lower cost, due to reduction of product usage by as much as 50% to 75%. Together we can help your company increase profits.

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