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Plunger Lubricants

Solid Plunger Lubricants
J&S Chemical dry plunger lubricants can be identified by two trade names Shotbeads® and Lubewax. Both product lines are a J&S Chemical patented technology with unparalleled performance while being environmentally safe and friendly. Performance advantages are exemplified by increased shot velocities and increased plunger tip and sleeve life. J&S also provides leased dispensing equipment for our dry plunger lubricant use, for as low as $1 per year for all qualified purchasing customers. 

Water Based Plunger Lubricants
J&S Chemical water based lubricants are made from very unique polymers and very comprehensive mechanical manufacturing that result in very stable emulsions that provide excellent lubricity and thermal reduction, resulting in extended tip and sleeve life. 

Oil Based Plunger Lubricants

J&S Chemical has a variety of oil based products from paraffin and petroleum to biodegradable. Each product is designed to specifically reduce friction and to extend tip and sleeve life.

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