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Metal Removal Fluids

Metalworking fluids are a crucial ingredient to metal removal and forming. It has been proven that our metalworking fluids extend tool life saving thousands of dollars! Customers have also experienced dramatic increases in production rates, superior finishes, and longer sump life without the need for expensive tank side adds. We provide high performance products for both light and heavy chip generating processes, as well as chip-less operations that will reduce you cost per part.

J&S Chemical’s full line of TurboCut™ metalworking fluids use the latest technology to increase value by providing the right mix of performance with the right price. Whether your focused on better parts finish, extended tool life, minimizing down time and consumption, health and safety issues, shop cleanliness, operator acceptance, or all of the above, we can provide the right products to meet your goals. Let us become your single source supplier.

After learning about your specific machining needs, we can then recommend a product that best fits your application. For information on these products and solutions, please contact your J&S Chemical representative or call +1-800-370-4807.

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