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TurboCut Semi-Synthetic Hybrid Series™

Our Hybrid Series™ products stand apart from traditional emulsion based coolants. Water and oil do not mix readily without the use of emulsifiers (soap like compounds) to create a link between them. Emulsifiers increase the risk of foam, emulsify tramp oils, increase VOC’s, remove skins protective barrier, and provide a food source for bacteria. Our Hybrid Series products incorporate a revolutionary manufacturing process which creates a preformed emulsion practically eliminating the need for emulsifiers. Additionally, this new technology allows the use of base oils 15 times the viscosity of traditional products!
  • Low Foam
  • Reduced Chip Fluid Carry-Off
  • Cleaner Parts
The primary benefits of the TurboCut Semi-Synthetic Hybrid Series™ products are twofold. The higher viscosity base oil provides superior hydrodynamic lubrication reducing the friction between the work piece and cutting tool. Secondly, the dramatic reduction of emulsifiers reduces the complexity of the formulation creating a product that is ultra low foaming, stable, uniform, and economical.

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