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TurboCut™ series of semi-synthetic coolants are second to none! These products combine the lubrication of traditional soluble oils with the cleanliness and cooling properties of a synthetic making them the most popular series within the TurboCut line. Formulated with the latest technology available, these products have proven to exceed expectations including operations with the latest advancements and diversification of CNC machinery, tooling, along with high pressure applications. TurboCut semi-synthetic coolants are suited for both individual sumps as well as central systems.

Extensive R&D and field testing has created a series of TurboCut products that provide rust protection, eliminate rancid odors and foam, extend tool life, improve finishes and operator acceptance without the need of expensive tank side adds. TurboCut semi-synthetics create a micro-emulsion that resists the adverse effects of hard water minerals resulting in consistent performance and reduce consumption while keeping machines and parts clean.

The range of materials that can be machined with this series of products include, but not limited to, cast and aluminum alloys, low and high alloyed steels, gray and ductile iron, stainless steel, titanium, superalloys , brass, bronze, copper, and composite materials. TurboCut semi-synthetics are available in both low and high oil versions as well as non-chlorinated, chlorinated, and other extreme pressure lubrication packages. Industries that have seen the benefits of TurboCut semi-synthetics include aerospace, agriculture, automotive, OEM’s, and general machine shops.

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